Life is all about baby steps. Right?

I mean, we see it in our relationships, work, health, fitness, academics, etcetera it is about taking it slow and stepping forward in baby steps. I am the epitome of taking life (in general) slowly. Just the other day, when I was in my “perspective check” mode I came to the realization that…I am strongly impatient.

I kinda always told myself I was not, but it began to show in my fitness and health. In a manner of speaking, I have grasped the mindset of “I want things now and if I don’t get it I will give up or move on”. You know what I mean? I like feeling rushed to a certain extent. 😛

This mindset was and is such a daily struggle. Despite the struggle, I am determined this time around to change that frightful mindset and get back on course to my goals, the one’s were at the beginning of my journey I was so enthusiastic about and now I don’t feel the enthusiasm, yep those one’s!

So, here I am taking baby steps. My first fitness and health goal I am settng for myself and I know is highly attainable is training and completing my first half-marathon in July, meanwhile staying paleo for three months. 😉 Just a simple and attainable goal! Woohoo!

What are your baby steps you are taking? 😉

I would love to hear your answers!!




The Beginning

Hey y’all!

Before I begin I want to let you know that I am not the best writer, but I am blogging…so ya, bear with me! lol! In this blog I want to share a little bit of who I am, where I come from…etc.

My name is Mandie Keller, my middle name is Rose (hence the title “theactiverose”) 😉 I am the youngest sibling out of five. I live in Southern, California. I am seventeen, and in about a month I will be graduating high school! I have one dog, her name is Roxie, she is such a sweetheart! I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, my Savior my Abba. ❤

*Note: with the blogs to come in the future, I personally want to do my best to put at the top of the blog the purpose and thoughts behind the specific blog and then continue on to share on whatever it is…okay goin back*

Anyway, all of my blogs will be surrounding the topics of health, fitness, goals, Jesus, and just life! More about health and fitness, since those are reasons of even beginning this blog. ;D  Alrighty, it was all quick but here is the start…ready…set…go!